Our Mission
Koplar Consulting’s mission is to provide the highest quality inspection services available and to present the results of the inspections in a detailed post inspection consultation and informative type-written report that clearly detail the condition of the property.
Home Inspections
Commercial Inspections
Other Services
As one of the largest purchases in your life, your new home should be inspected by a trusted professional. A quality home inspection performed by Kevin Koplar will provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.
Mr. Koplar began his carrier as a structural civil engineer in the Tampa Bay area, and has performed more than 500 commercial property inspections and evaluations. His unique training, eye for detail and thoroughness have helped many property owners make informed decisions regarding the purchase of these properties.
Other services provided include pre-listing inspections, insurance discount and condition inspections (including Wind Mitigation, Roof Certification and 4-Point inspections), construction inspections, builder’s warranty  inspections, maintenance inspections and more...
The Million Dollar Home Inspector