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The Million Dollar Home Inspector

Your Best Choice Is Simple

Home inspectors are not all alike. Few home inspectors can match Mr. Koplar’s education, training, thoroughness and experience. Would you rather trust an ASHI certified home inspector with an engineering degree, eight years of engineering experience and over 15-years of residential and commercial inspecting experience or someone who passed a two-week home inspector course and joined an association with an online membership test and very limited experience requirements.

Mr. Koplar will only perform one inspection in a day. There are many home inspectors that will do two or three in a day and give you a check-list report with very little detailed can the inspection be if the inspector spends half of his time writing the report? A typical Koplar Consulting inspection will take about 3 to 4 hours. Homes that are larger, older, distressed or with crawl spaces will take longer. A detailed report with photgraphs takes time to create, Mr. Koplar will complete the report at his office, usually within the next day and deliver an PDF copy of the report via email.

It is recommended that all of our clients attend the inspection, especially the end of the inspection when Mr. Koplar will perform a walk-around consultation to point out the items noted during the inspection and to answer any questions our clients may have concerning the property.